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Which is the best LED lightbar for Jeep wrangler

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Hi All, long time...Anyone can please advise which is the best of the best company for LED light bar for Jeep wrangler. I tried two times and it just looks bright but not showing anything beyond 100-200 meter range. First time got from dragon mart and second time from sharjah little bigger one, but still reach is missing, its only showing the white spread is good to see but not to appreciate it.

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Hi @Baraz

I got the LED fitted from a shop in Sharjah near the tire shops after Sahara Center, however I have been unable to use it to its full so far as weather is still bearable in the late afternoon or early evenings. But night drives to start soon and I will be trying it out more rigorously in a few weeks time for the upcoming night drives. So far I believe that I need some adjustment for it to be pointing a little bit higher than it is positioned now, but will be experimenting and will keep you posted. However I don't think you will get with the LED what you are looking for, you need pencil beam which shoots the light to the furthest corner, generally LED are a nice spread.

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