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Android Auto in XC90 - 2017

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Hi ..

I've got the XC90 - Model 2017 ..

When I bought it, there was a software upgrade option of Apple CarPlay .. However, There isn't no Android Auto and I was promised that it's "Coming Soon"

This was in November last year ..


I came to know recently that it'll never be coming to my car .. This information is not from Agency ..

Reason is : Volvo has some technical limitations that makes them support Android Auto ONLY in cars with 2 USB Ports .. My car has just one port .. so AA is never coming ..


Anybody else came across similar experience ?


Worth to mention that I love the car .. it's just that this thing is bothering me as I was given a false promise ..

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@AdnanK This is really a horror story like so many other I have heard from the dealerships here. Very sorry to hear about this. The rally idiotic thing is the false promise was made and there is no regret or options given to the client as there are a few very good after market Android Head Units, they can at least give you the option of changing the installation to an after market one. This is crazy as you pay so much with so much expectations due to the promises made and than face such disappointments once the money is in their pockets.

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