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Hey I wanted some opinion for buying a charger. I had owned one in the past that was R/T 2013 HEMI but that was in Saudi, loved the car performance, sound and attitude. Now I am exploring option for 2014 Hemi here in UAE

Now questions:

1. Is paying the premium for an SRT worth over an R/T Hemi?

2. Any known issues I should be worried about? I believe HEMI are reliable engines.

3. With the options available on Dubbizle for SRT I have to chose between 70K with warranty upto 160K or 40K with no warranty? Both GCC specs with FSH. Which one is better?

4. What would the right price to pay for the above options both guys are demanding 95K?

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I'm not an expert on these but I did look into them a while ago. I always wanted a challenger and if the wife pushed out a baby, charger was the second option because of the extra doors. 

The main difference between the RT and the SRT is 100 BHP and 75 ft lb of torque. RT has 375 ish BHP. You need to ask yourself, is that enough? Personally for me, it's plenty. There are limited opportunities to use it in UAE unless you're doing track days. Speed cameras every few hundred meters kind of defeat the purpose of fast cars.

There are no major reliability issues but build quality isn't the best. Lots of hard plastics and things screwed together by minimum wage workers in America who just want to finish their day and go for a beer.

I can't answer your questions about price. The market here is totally fake, prices are dictated by whatever the dealers feel like putting on their fake ads on dubzzle.

Another thing I'd like to add, just personal opinion though, I wouldn't get sucked into the whole GCC specs thing. Sure they were built and designed in USA but Texas in USA is just as hot as UAE so obviously they were designed to work in a similar climate. I know a lot of people will argue with me on this point and say GCC has bigger radiators and compressors etc but then done American cars designed to work near the equator have lesser parts? Surely the Americans will look after there own people rather than a handful of arabs?

Be aware though, because of the mentality of people here, the resale of US spec cars is less than GCC cars.

Also if you're buying a US car, check it on carfax website. You will get full proper history, unlike here.

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I would anyday FAVOR GCC specs for less hassle while selling and better resale value. US import goes by weight (junk value) after couple of years due to incomplete service record, stolen, flooded, accident reason.

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Beware of dodge extra super duper lowest resale value in UAE, before touching them. Just a word of caution.

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2 hours ago, waqaszohair said:

That is my biggest concern people have them on sale for months but are unable to get rid of them.

but from a different pov, thats a great chance for a dodge enthusiast to get them at a favorable price. Some people just go for the specific brand and doesnt care about anything.... later they may regret getting it cuz it will b too late by the time you know its demand, market values and reliability....

Some times i regret getting a japan spec german car 😂😂

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