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Chevrolet Scheduled Maintenance Procedures

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Chevrolet Scheduled Maintenance Procedures

* Rotate and Inspect tires

* Inspect Accessory drive belt

* Inspect Air intake system

* Inspect Automatic transmission shift linkage

* Inspect Brake fluid, brake lines and hoses

* Inspect Brake hoses

* Inspect Brake linings

* Inspect Brake rotors, drums, pads, shoes

* Inspect Brake system

* Inspect CV-joint boots & axle seals

* Inspect Coolant level, hoses and clamps

* Inspect Cooling fan operation

* Inspect Cooling system hoses and clamps

* Inspect Crankcase depression

* Inspect EGR system

* Inspect EVAP system

* Inspect Engine air cleaner filter

* Inspect Engine coolant and washer fluid

* Inspect Exhaust system & heat shields

* Inspect Fluid leaks

* Inspect Front & rear driveshaft slip-yoke

* Inspect Front wheel bearings

* Inspect Front/rear axle fluid level

* Inspect Fuel filter

* Inspect Fuel system

* Inspect Parking brake system

* Inspect Power steering fluid

* Inspect Restraint system components

* Inspect Shields & underhood insulation

* Inspect Steering linkage

* Inspect Suspension and steering components

* Inspect Suspension components

* Inspect Throttle body

* Inspect Throttle body mount bolt torque

* Inspect Throttle linkage

* Inspect Throttle system

* Inspect Transfer case fluid level

* Inspect Transfer case shift lever

* Inspect Transmission fluid

* Inspect Transmission fluid level

* Inspect Wiper blades

* Inspect underbody contact points & linkage

* Inspect/Lubricate Body components

* Inspect/Lubricate Chassis & suspension

* Inspect/Lubricate Parking brake cable guides

* Inspect/Lubricate chassis & suspension

* Replace Air cleaner filter

* Replace Automatic transmission fluid & filter

* Replace Cabin air filter

* Replace Engine coolant

* Replace Engine oil & filter

* Replace PCV filter

* Replace PCV valve

* Replace Spark plugs

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