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fan clutch assembly

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him i am a owner of 2005 chevi astro

i want to knw how does one remove the fan clutch assembly? using an adjustable wrench and strap wrench isn't working.


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step 1

unplug mas/vas from corragated intake tube

using 8mm with ratchet, loosen the intake clamp from the intake elbo. using the panel popper, pry up on filter box from each side, disconnect cold air tube and resinator. give a good pull upwards to seperate the filter box from the fan shroud. twist the whole box and intake tube untill the intake tube gives, then just pull back. the whole intake comes out.

step 2

using 10mm 1/4" ratchet with 8" of extention(s) pull 4 coarse thread bolts from sides of fan shroud, then 3 bolts on the top. pull up on the passenger side of the shroud untill it clears the rad cap. you will have to battle with the throttle cable and upper rad hose, but don't remove the rad hose. best way is to get your right arm under both and allow shroud top to pull up from passenger side. you will want to compress the top to clear the master cylinder.

step 3

fan removal and belt removal. get out the air chisle. you don't need much but there is a method to using. chisle to the left and carefully engrave the left side of a flat on the fan nut. as soon as the fan nut moves, it's enough. take channel lock pliers and loosen 1 full turn, then just spin the fan off by hand... unless the clutch is worn, then you have to spin with your hand.then pull out the lower fan shroud from passenger side. there are 3 tabs that will need to be released. using a breaker bar with 3/8" adaptor with 3/8" extention. release pressure from the tentioner and remove belt.

Hope this helps and get the clutch fan assembly out.

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