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1938 Ford rat rod build


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The old mustangs were all open differentials as far as I know. The stingray rear end will be able to hold a lot of torque so it will probably be staying there. Ideally, LSD, wheelie bars and a parachute would be cool but cost is the issue.

@treks I hope the hidden red earth lead meets with your satisfaction 😉



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Ok so it’s been a while since I updated this. The project isn’t over yet.

The original funder lost his job and ran out of money so the project was shelved. 

A new funder is on board so the build will start again soon. We have a huge turbo diesel Cummins engine just sitting there on the shelf doing nothing so expect the 351 to get junked and a huge high torque motor capable of rolling coal to be installed. 

Lets see what happens. I can promise you it will be epic. 

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