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Funny Car Memes


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14 hours ago, M.Seidam said:

Apart from joke , what is the order ( assume no traffic signs present ) ? 😅

1 will go first because he doesn't want to wait for 2 cars 😅😅

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2 hours ago, Morshedi said:

it’s gonna be in the same order (2-3-1) because 2&3 on the main road but car no 1 on the bystreet! 🧐

No signs , no main road known 

in this case priority who is coming from the right applies and the order will be  3 1 2  .


In Europe there are lots of these inside unmarked or unsigned roads and some times it’s not T it + with 4 cars coming in intersection . 😉

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11 minutes ago, Sunil Mathew said:

Dont know about europe..but in india, all of them will go at the same time..

dont ask me how!! :-) 

The good thing no accident happens 😉

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