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20 minutes ago, skumar83 said:

If you make the car a daily runner as well then it will definitely need a lot more maintenance like in your case Sertac where you needed to fix the AC. If you just keep it for the weekend you will start to spend a little less for the maintenance. My car is now used only over the weekends and I have stopped spending money on fixing small things which are no longer essential.

The problem is driving it beautiful. I want to drive it 24 hours to everywhere :D

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Ford Probe for sale at home. £1,550 (7,200 dhs) full scorpion exhaust system, new shock absorbers and lowering springs all round. New discs and pads. Full set of goodridge hoses. 


Not the best car in the world but it’s getting rare now and prices are going up so a good one is a good investment. So much potential, sleek sexy looks, Mazda mx6 engine. So much failure, they made it FWD to save costs. If it was RWD it would have been a proper cult classic instead of something traded between people in the know. Still a good investment though. As long as you don’t crash it, the value will go up. 

Way cooler, rarer and more interesting than an old FWD Toyota Celica. 

And the pop up headlights are cooler than a polar bear stuck in the ice dying of hypothermia. 

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Really loving this old pug right now. 7 seats for 20k dhs.  Used to be a fairly common car. Rather than finding teeth in a chicken these days. 









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Bargain 79 Mk3 Capri 2.0 Pinto for £3,500. These are going up in value and impossible to find something decent for this money. Proper useable everyday RWD retro. Seller says it comes with a free Darkness CD so that swings the deal for me. If I was at home, I’d go pick it up. 












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