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C.A.R. - Carnity Archive Run (Win iPhone X)


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The first comment was made by me advising someone on their exhausts. I was advising umar on exhausts  

I deserve to win this  I've been advising Carnity for free for months  I'm spending all my spare cash covering for my ex employer who screwed me


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@Barry as much as we really appreciate all your contribution and efforts, but this contest is to find the "marketing text of iPhone X" and not the samples provided for reference as an example of how that image will look like.

Secondly, when anyone finds that "marketing text" image posted by admin, then post that thread link here first to claim iPhone X.

Good luck to all, keep trying.


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Could you be a bit more clear as to what you mean by "marketing text" does it refer to a slogan, caption or any word or phrase Apple might have used in ther adverts or promotion of the iphone x ? Are you looking for anything in particular, certain word of phrase etc etc.

Other wise its just too vague. For example the word display, face recognition or retina are used in their advs and I can Im find those words in many posts here and can be considered "marketing text"

Better guidelines and definition is needed


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Let us break down with an explanation:

Simply find a "marketing text of iPhone X" in the form of an image in all the Carnity archive posts.

Simply find = search within carnity.com old topics and post, not on any other site

"marketing text of iPhone X" = It can be anything from 1-10 line TEXT (no image and no 1 word)

in the form of an image = It will be an image format so that you can't search with search box

in all the Carnity archive posts = It will be hidden anywhere in whole carnity 40,000 + posts

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