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Revolutionary off road vehicles plus mini rant

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I don't usually like posting YouTube videos but this one is worth a watch. I always wonder why we don't see more crazy stuff like this in the desert. After all, UAE, especially Dubai is the king of richness and excess. 

I wont comment too much on these vehicles as I'd end up writing a full degree level essay but the Tatra was always a favourite of mine. Truck trials on Eurosport channel on Saturday morning as a child, right after Dukes of Hazzard, right before the BTCC race. 

Motorsport isn't covered enough here. Sure it's everywhere, Liwa, Sand drags, even the Autodrome, but you won't find it unless you look for it. Motorsport should be in your face. It doesn't get the coverage it deserves. I guess I hanker for the old days where Group B was king.

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One hell of a video man never knew all these monsters actually existed woaooooooh

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