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Mighty Mike

Al Reem - UAE's First 4x4

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Ok...... long time coming I think, so late last month it was announced that SandStorm motors has launched Al Reem UAEs first 4x4 vehicle. From the press release

"Sandstorm has launched 'Al Reem' - the very first Emirati 4x4 sport utility vehicle (SUV). The car has been launched in the local market and will be available in the rest of the Arab region by 2019.

The company will produce 1,000 cars in the first phase followed by 6,000 cars in the second phase. In addition, the company has a plan to launch its pickup"


And literally no other details were given, what engine, transmission, options specs, nothing. And surprisingly the manufacturers website also has no mention of it  although there are also a lots of pics of the Pick up mentioned in the press release but only pictures and once again nothing else





 And the pick up




From the pics the Pickup looks to be a manual while the SUV an auto. Its a ladder frame chassis so thats a good thing for a tough off roader Once again no mention of pricing either so no idea what these are going to cost. The pick up for sure is the better looking one from the two in my opinion.

Question is would you buy one, and if so what would you be willing to pay for it and what kind of engine do you think it has? I'm guessing the motor is derived from another manufacturer.

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SUV not looking good. If they have different bumper than this riced one it might be better. But pickup looks good. If they have good engine and good price it will work. 

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SUV look mix of Patrol, Cruiser and Pajero sport and all depends of engine size and price to sell. If it comes with standard LS2 engine ready for duff duff I'm sure it will be hit for faya climbers, after all it says sandstorm so it should stand true to it's name. Logo could have been better imho.

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I read somewhere that it's a 2.0l turbocharged engine, which is in terms of efficiency and low consumption maybe a good choice, but it makes me wonder how this engine would perform in long(er) desert trips.

The pickup looks indeed not bad, the SUV is looking like an arranged marriage between a Korean and Chinese SUV :)

Their website hardly works, most of it shows 404 not found error. If i would be the owner of that car brand, i'd definitely have a "friendly" chat with the IT department.

Overall, i am not impressed to say the least....


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Looks a bit like a VW Amarok. Smells a bit like a Devel Sixteen.

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