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With an idea to create a genuinely used car review for each and every car available in UAE, Carnity would like to announce an exciting contest for all the car enthusiast's fuelling this car community. We have seen plenty of new car reviews that help us buy any new car, but the majority of UAE population prefers a used car and hence we like to take this opportunity to build a credible, dependable and honest - used car review repository.

So write a car review of your own present or past car, your friend's car or even your dream car but be informative, creative and engaging to get you the maximum red likes. Post high-quality pictures or embed a video for adding useful information or attention to detail. Focus your used car review to help other car buyers looking to buy the same car model with real insightful information from the real owner. It could be based on fuel consumption - highway vs city, periodic maintenance cost - minor vs major, build quality, aging issues, resale value, safety standards, on-road or off-road performance, comfort, recalls, known errors, technical glitches, design challenges etc.


Criteria to post:

Category: Select your car brand under forum and then select the car model

Title: Year + Brand name + Model name + Type + review =  2014 Nissan Patrol Safari Review

Tags: nissan, nissan patrol, 2014 nissan patrol safari, 2014 nissan patrol review, owner review, uae

Content: Be creative and engaging to get maximum readership. Post information regarding your ownership experience, what you like and dislike and be very descriptive and precise with supporting pictures or stats.

Pictures: Prefer real pictures of aged condition and mileage.

Video: Embed your own video or something useful and interesting from other sources.

Share your car review with your friends and family to maximize the Carnity red likes.

Contest: Every month, few of the best car review will receive exciting prizes.

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19 hours ago, desertdude said:

So no longer $$$$$ just "exciting prizes" ?

Where you read no $$$$$$.....?

Exciting can be anything - $$$$ or more $$$$ or multiple winners with cash prizes every month.

Basically, we like to rule out the possibility of rigging or popularity contest and focus on PURE Car enthusiasm from car owners.

Now there is no restriction for posting and sharing, just focus on your own car review to be as useful as possible.

So write your car review, like if you like to:

  • Officially become a Car writer
  • Your car review will be viewed by millions of reader in UAE and abroad
  • You can use your review links in your professional portfolio
  • Best car writers will get discounts and freebies
  • Last but not least, instant exciting prizes

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