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Offroad convoy rules

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Every offroad convoy has to follow these rules to keep moving the whole convoy safely at all times:

  • Follow the car in front of you all the time. And also follow the path taken by that car (STRICTLY), until you learn to lead.
  • As an occasional exception, if you see the car in front of you struggled or churn up the path, it is advisable to drive little left or right and then follow the same path again.
  • Keep 5-10 cars distance all the time. Keeping it too close you will risk an accident and keeping it too long, you will lose the path.
  • If you cannot see the car behind you, please stop and notify on the radio so that the leader can stop until they all catch up.
  • Stick to your convoy numbering at all times, if changed due to some situation fall back to the same order as soon as you can but safely.
  • If convoy is not moving due to some stuck / refusal, please be patient and stay safe at your designated position. No playing, side sloping or any breaking the convoy activities will not be tolerated.
  • Radio communication is PRIME, listen and respond to it promptly all the time.

Convoy positions

  • Leader: The first car who leads the drive and everyone has to follow the leader instructions precisely with respect.
  • Second lead: The second car in a convoy, who drives behind the leader and avoid or fix any unforeseen situation as it may happen. Everyone in the convoy needs to follow the "second lead" path like a magnet - at all times.
  • Sweep: One or two cars at end of the convoy to help and recover stuck vehicles or advise the correct path after the refusal.
  • Flying Sweep: This car can be anywhere to do the sweep duties of recovering stuck vehicle or coordinating the convoy movement.
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