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Engine failure Hazard

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I have been driving car in between driving i did overtake than after STOP msg came on car and showing Engine failure Hazard.after than i drive alowely to reach my home.after that in driving without using accelerator speed increasing fast.any one let me know about STOP along with Engine failure Hazard.its a simple warning or any technical issue.... The msg appeared 2 times already so normally i made it 5 min switched off than no msg came once i start again.please any one suggest.


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first of all before starting your car do the basics check the engine oil level (if low top it up) then check the water not in the reserve but from the pressure cap on top radiator (other places on various models) also if less please top it up and also do notice if its leaking or not

then start your car and try to listen for any abnormal noise if all seems fine then you sure can drive the car but keep an eye on the heat gauge and on the oil light and try to reach a workshop which can further diagnose the car for you through a computer diagnosis machine

what i can make out from your message is that some sensor is communicating in a funky way to cause the light to come on

but better be safe then sorry and end up fixing things when it has already hit the fan

and please do let us know whats up by updating this post so everyone can benefit from this conversation 

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more info
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Hi @Neyaz welcome to Carnity.

For a better and most effective response, you should add below background details:

  • Which car is that?
  • How many kms driven?
  • From how long own this vehicle?
  • When was the last service or scheduled maintenance done?
  • Little reference of before and after this incident happen - driving for a long time, high speed, in traffic etc.
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Renaults bring the stop light on for a multitude of reasons. It is linked to both the braking system and ECU so it can be confusing as to what the problem is but stop means stop and it means something needs investigating.

I would recommend checking your brake fluid level. If it’s low, you have a brake leak somewhere. Then check your engine oil level. If that’s normal, find a tame mechanic and get them to plug the computer in and see what/if any fault codes come up. 

If you don’t have a tame mechanic, I have a diagnostic computer to suit your car so I can scan it and tell you what’s wrong but I don’t do mechanical work anymore so I can’t fix it, (I can but I’m lazy) but I can tell you what’s wrong so you can instruct someone else to fix it. If you can’t find a diagnostic expert, you can message me on here directly and I’ll try to help you out. 

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