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How to Deflate your Tyres

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After trying the rapid tyre deflator (brand Lele) and struggling a bit due to its unreliability, I'm now happy with the following simple deflators. I screw them in, 1 min, unscrew, and adjust the last 1-2psi manually, checking with the gauge.


Plus, I have to say, they make a very fancy key holder 😄

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When starting as an off-roading enthusiast in UAE, you will come to hear about deflating your tyres, and setting your tyres to the right tyre pressure is one of the first things you will need to learn

The easy express deflator gizmo wrecked two valves , tried the tyre repairers tool gizmo and it wrecked the valves too    it was then I realised that it wasn’t the tools but me , over tighte

Nice topic and indeed you covered almost all type of deflator for offroading except one more which I have used: Staun. People love their automatic deflation to precise psi you set them, but I cou

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On 6/3/2021 at 12:14 PM, Looper said:

One more issue with the Apex deflators - they pressure out so fast that they condense the air in the tire as the air cools down rapidly, and it will show a lower pressure till the air inside the tire comes back to normal temperature.

So when I set the tire pressure to 12 psi, in the first instance in a minute or so it comes back to 14 psi. I do a couple of rounds to deflate back to 12 from around 14.


I screw this gauge and then deflate while monitoring the pressure to 10 psi. normally when I stop I am at 11-12 psi after the tire gets back to normal air temp. and it is quick way of accurately deflating, with less chance of over/under deflation. 

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