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Your favourite deflation tools

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1 hour ago, Javier M said:



I can relate to this I was using the JT Brooks deflators but I could not get them to work right no matter how many times I practiced I always got over-deflated in one tired.

This last weekend I tried the IndeFlate Tire Inflator and Deflator and I loved it, I finished deflating first than the other cars around me and it took me around 5 minutes to inflate all 4 tires. 

The only con is that it seems a little overwhelming and bulky at first to see all the hoses but once you get the hang of it you finish very fast.

This allowed me to install my flag while I was deflating so two birds with one stone. 




I made a very similar system myself a while back, It worked fine but i ran across some issues when clipping on the hose to the tyre. Due to some wear and tear on the valve the air came out faster on one tyre in comparison with the other. As a result of that i would have the front tyre at 18psi while the back tyre was at 14psi. From what i see the INdeflate clip-on system looks a bit better so you might not have that problem.

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