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Things I hate about driving in UAE

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These are some things I hate about driving in UAE. Feel free to add your own

As soon as the light turns green, you hit the throttle but some AH behind you already starts honking. Happened me a few times. I felt like stopping and busting their face and asking what’s the problem, the traffic is already moving.

When you’re stuck in traffic, the guy behind holds his hand on the horn. Yes mister, that will automatically make all the cars in front fly away

Honking at people crossing the road. Not cool. Driving on the crossing when people are walking is 500 dhs fine. I wish more people would get busted for this. 

Swerving into the next lane then hitting the indicator when you’re already half way across. Again, not cool. 

I was stuck at a traffic signal in karama once. The light turned green so I started moving. The guy behind started honking his horn so I stopped in the middle of the road. I knew he was being an AH but I played along. I walked round and looked at the back of the car like something was wrong. He got so frustrated. I asked why you honking if nothing is wrong? He gave me the middle finger and I said ok let’s call the cops and you can go to jail. He turned into a little lamb after that.

honking isn’t cool and I would cut the horn on every car here if I could. It’s the height of bad manners 

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