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As we all know that RTA renewal for cars is for 12 months and insurance we get is for 13 months policy to cover the 1 extra month which RTA gives for a grace period. During this grace period, we can fix the failed car or compare the best insurance available in UAE.

I have been driving all my cars during that grace period without any worry, but recently heard some rumor that RTA is issuing a fine if they catch you driving with expired mulkia even in a grace period of the 13th month. RTA fines are ranging from 500 - 1000 Dhs.

Is it true? Has anyone got any fine by cops or scanner for driving a car (not parked) during the grace period....?

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They will fine you automatically if you come in any camera with expired registration in about 2 months or so but please confirm this statement

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@Gaurav bhai, i too have been driving the same way for many years now. I renew the insurance and get the car passed and renew the registration in the 13th month and the only extra I pay is the AED 10 or 15 for the expired mulkiya. It is alarming if they are issuing fines in the accepted grace period by the authorities. It raises a question as to why we have to get 13 month insurance if they are going to fine you any ways?

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    • By Gaurav
      I know RTA renewal for the vehicle is for 1 year and it comes with 1-month grace until the insurance is expiring. Is there any fine if we exceed this 1-month grace by 2-3 days, of course, I will get the new insurance in place before the old insurance expires?
      I completely missed out on wifey Trailblazer rta renewal and sent for passing few days back and it got failed with leaking axle boot and brake light. Thought of getting all done today, and just came across a new issue that steering assembly is leaking, which has been already fixed earlier this year. My vehicle registration expired on 9 April 2018 and Insurance is expiring on 9 May 2018. Boot and brake light will be fixed today and I could have still done another passing and got everything sorted by today or tomorrow, but this new issue of steering rack leaking again might push few days beyond 9 May 2018, so what do I do now? Go to RTA renewal center and explain this and get some waiver for a couple of days or just pay the fine (if any).
    • By cyborg
      Hi Fellas,
      Is there any comprehensive place to find the full list of RTA fines, as all the bits and pieces are scattered on Internet and no one knows whats the old rate and new rates. There are files I found from 2006 when radar use to be 200 aed. lol. I wish if it still stays that cheap.
      Please help build one here and see if this thread get any traction.
      Parking fine: 200 AED Over speeding fine: Minimum - 600 AED + 100 AED (for every 10 more kms over speeding) Seat belt fine: 200 AED Blocking traffic: 200 AED