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Hi All,

This is to make everybody aware about the Service Recovery offer through Al Wathba Insurance.

I have been insuring my cars with service recovery option for over 10 years now and all the insurance companies I have come across and dealt with had unlimited recoveries throughout the year without any restrictions. For the very first time in my life I got the insurance from Al Wathba Insurance due to their good customer service and convenience. However I was surprised a couple of months back when I was in Kalba/Maliha area and needed recovery. I called the IMC number given and they confirmed my insurance and car details. The surprise came when they told me that I was in Sharjah area so they will only tow my car to any garage in Sharjah, I insisted that the garage I deal with is in Ajman, but they refused and insisted that I take it to any garage in Sharjah only. I was further surprised when I was told this was the first of the 3 recoveries allowed during the whole year.

As if this shock was not enough, I had a situation on last Friday in Liwa where I needed the recovery, I called the IMC number given and told them I would like to take my car to Musaffah which was in Abu Dhabi. They initially confirmed, but called me later to say I was in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi so could take it only within the Western Region. Not knowing Abu Dhabi so well I was really worried. I asked them to suggest me where I would take my car for urgent repairs in the Abu Dhabi Western region, but was told I need to tell them the place. Miles away from anything I checked with one of our fellow off-roader and he suggested Madinat Zayed. They confirmed that I could take it to Madinat Zayed and send the recovery accordingly.

I am just shocked as I was not made aware of these clauses at the time I was buying the insurance, and since I had never faced these restrictions I was not aware that these restrictions existed.

My main aim for starting this thread is to make everybody aware of the horrors of having such restrictions. So next time you are looking for a car insurance Al Wathba might not be the right choice for you, as you might be more comfortable with a certain garage closer to your place just in case the car needs a day or 2 to be prepared and ready to be in action again. I stay in Sharjah and if I had to leave the car in Madinat Zayed which is over 300 kilometers away it would be ridiculous to leave it so far, or have to pay heavily to get my car from Madinat Zayed to a garage in Sharjah after having silly restrictions and clause for the recovery services.

In conclusion if you want to avoid the restrictions and clause for the recovery services which is added on to the insurance please do not use Al Wathba Insurance. Next time if you have to go with a new insurance company check the restrictions before paying and finalizing the deal. Just trying to save a one day delay and having to go back to register my car, I fall in a trap unknowingly, but if I had in mind the inconvenience I have been facing for this year I would have happily got the insurance from the known company I was previously dealing with and face the inconvenience that one time only.

Please do share your comments and if you can share similar experiences and such insurance companies to avoid.



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Just an update on this post. I am currently taking a new insurance policy and reading the above experience, before taking the policy from Noor Takaful, I called up the roadside assistance which happened to be IMC as well. They confirmed that for Noor Takaful, be it 3rd party or comprehensive cover, the road side assistance is unlimited and intercity.


At the same time I happened to ask him about Al Wathba Insurance and he checked the system and informed me that for the 3rd party insurance there is restriction on the number of recovery as well as it has to be within the city only. However, with the comprehensive coverage there is no restriction on the number of recovery and intercity is allowed.


So it would be a good idea to henceforth check with the recovery company before taking up the policy so that we are not caught at the time when we need the assistance the most.

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Thanks @Srikumar for the much important info shared regarding insurance company and recovery service which we miss at times and take it for granted that its unlimited.

@Eric Pereira please note this will help you in deciding on the insurance you need to take for your pajero.

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