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5 minutes ago, Barry said:

I don’t like things like this. I’ve seen people save their fines and wait for discounts. It kinda takes away from the fact you’re getting fined for breaking the law. People make mistakes but some just keep pushing and pushing the limits. Offenders should be punished and punished hard. No mercy. 

Thank God, you aren't ruling Dubai @Barry

I do admit to waiting for such a discount as I do get the occasional fine in unknown road or roads that have 3-4 different speed limits like once or twice in a year. And these offers do help than paying at regular rates.

I like this time smartness of Dubai Police to tie the percentage with the behavior correction x time, that will help bring a lot of good behavior on Dubai roads (I seriously hope).

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11 minutes ago, Gaurav said:

Thank God, you aren't ruling Dubai @Barry


Indeed. I’ll deport everyone and keep your cars and have all the fun to myself 😝

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Great news? Its an insult to the efforts of law obeing drivers. Nice job Dubai Police! 

Serve and protect: in the mean time Dubai Police let drivers who are risking my and my family life get away with offenses. 

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@edino0408 feels like @Barry is the perfect chief of police for you.

Point well noted, I feel what your frustration is. Hope for the best, that idiots would take this opportunity to change their drive styles.

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