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How to recover - side stuck safely in sand dunes?

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This is a perfect example of how to recover side stuck in sand dunes with utmost safety and precision.

Everyone is clear from the stuck vicinity and recording or taking the pictures away from the rope radius so that if tow point or shackles fail it won't hit anyone and injure/kill them.

In a hard tug situation, one should use dampers or additional rope assist to absorb the shock if any tow point fails.

  • Positioned the car right behind the way of the stuck car
    • And not diagonally that can result in a flip with a sudden jerk
  • Clear communication and repeat message before giving the tug
    • Both the driver should be ready than an unexpected tug that may break bones
  • Stretch the rope fully and always give a gentle tug "first" on side stuck
    • Gentle tug "first" will always tell you how hard you can go next time than giving the hard tug first. This precision comes with experience and maturity than just giving the full throttle tug
  • Repeat the message again for the second tug to prepare the driver
    • Perfect safety message for the stuck driver, to update the recovery status so he can be ready for second tug
  • Repeated second tug by changing the path slightly to get better traction
    • Many offroaders will dig themselves on the second tug due to not changing the path. This slight change in path helps to get the firm sand to have better traction.

Well done @Emmanuel for recovering @Julien V in the best and safest possible way.


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Perfectly managed. Love to see @Emmanuel grow as an off-roader. @Gaurav bhai very well written post, thanks for sharing.

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Some of the pics i managed to capture when @Gaurav@Emmanuel were battling it out in the rough weather.






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Thx @Gaurav for these very clear and important explanations. If I may add another point regarding safety : before pulling the car, please check that nobody stands or goes around (always keep in mind that a rope, a shackle or a recovery hook can break).

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... even a bumper


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