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25 minutes ago, syedyaseer said:

I would overwhelmingly wait for your suggestions on considering prado itself giving the odo reading, price factor and  reliability of the machine.


I'm sorry I won't be able to help you much on the pricing as I'm not researching the Prado resale value.

2015 and 94K km looks a tad more than average 20K - 24K km per year usage, so it can't command an extra premium rather break a price little than other low mileage cars.

Reliability, Prado is a famous flagship model so nothing much can go wrong most of the time.

Dealer cars, no comment as I never bought one from a dealer in the last 18 years in Dubai.

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Prado is my favorite and I have a soft corner for it. They are reliable and if your heart desires the Prado and price difference is not an issue for AED 85k you can get a brand new Pajero with one year free petrol, service and Salik. As the oils degrade over time I think the Prado needs a service every 10k kilometers or 6 months whichever comes first. So if major service is due in 20k kilometers you'll have to do that service within a year.

I have had bad experience buying from the dealers their second hand cars as once bought they start giving you huge bills during your service, if you point out that the car is under warranty they just tell you that warranty is for major parts like engine and gearbox while these are only wear and tear items. Plus they are overpriced compared to the market.

It's your choice, I like @Gaurav bhai advise of having one car for road and another for off road if your budget is AED 90k. My wife's car is still available and you can view and try it out any time.

Wish you luck with your decision.

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