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Need Advice - 2014 Pajero GLS-MID

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37 minutes ago, Keithryan said:

Hi @Sunit

To add re: servicing, since you are at 116k kms, your next major service should be done @ 120k kms. Habtoor estimated for me costs of approx Dhs 2600 for this service. I've asked a couple of garages and all have provided me a quote ranging from Dhs 1400 - 1700 for the same job. 

Also, did you check with the previous owner if he has already changed the timing belt and spark plugs? These are supposed to be done @ 100k kms. You'll need to check with Habtoor since he's claiming to have done the 100K service there. Because if not done yet, then you are looking at another Dhs 2-3k to spend, depending on which garage you'll get this done (Habtoor is not an option, unless you have an extra Dhs 4-5k burning a hole in your pocket...).



Keith - Thank you, that was very informative, and no, the previous owner was not able to provide much details,   i will be visiting Habtoor to understand the last service details, but i think  if it was indeed a major service (seller mentioned he paid around 3K) then this would have been taken care of. Not sure though, have to check records. 

Are the outside garages reliable and competent when it comes to stuff like timing belt change? Last thing i would want is a sub-standard part and job. Any prior experience?

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It depends if it's just a timing belt change or there are other parts which need to be done. If you are lucky and it's just a timing belt change I think it would cost you approx 1500 to get it done in Ajman.

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