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Hi guys,

I been looking for the 3.8 Pajero in my budget but I didn't find any good ones, so i found 2 nice Pajeros 3.5 full option, full service history in haraj market in Sharjah. I tink I gonna go for one of them. 

 I need to know what should I do for checking the car before I pay? it's 1st car for me in UAE  also my 1st SUV.



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This helped me weed out a lot of cars. Be very picky, check what work will need to be done at the next few services, as this will help you decide what the car is actually worth. The people who sell these cars in the markets couldn't care less about the car or you. It's your money, so be absolutely fussy with handing it over.


Check everything works inside the car, including the back seats, the spare tyre, basically everything.


The guide above will give you a good idea of how you should check the car. I've walked away after 1 minute with some cars.


Best of luck

Sorry, once you've narrowed it down to one, ask a garage to look through it. They could spot other issues, so you can use it to reduce the price further.

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Thanks Mungret, yes you are right for them it's just a business and no way u can trust single word from what they saying. This guide amazing. Thanks man

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