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Land Cruiser Prado Engine Oil Recommendation

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14 minutes ago, Gaurav said:

Welcome, @Glanz Lube to Carnity and it's a very good opening topic you picked.

You should always stick to correct grade engine oil as mentioned in your car owners manual and also choose a well-trusted brand whose quality certifications meet and exceed minimum requirements.

I don't rem ever I handed my car keys to change oil without checking which brand and grade of oil those guys are using. I think more than 50% of garages in UAE uses an unheard brand of engine oil to markup good profit and the moment you ask can you get me Mobil 1 or Castrol, service price shoots up by double.

In today's competitive world price battle is pushing the quality down and if one garage can service 4 cylinder car in 200 dhs, then neighbour wants to beat down to 100 dhs by cutting the corner on the engine oil. In this price battle, the ultimate sufferer is the customer who thinks he walks away with a 100 dhs lesser deal, but eventually end up cooking his engine for the sake of 100 dhs without even knowing the difference between a good and bad quality engine oil.

Sadly some of the car dealers are even using such inferior brand of engine oil and when you ask which brand it is then they conceal with the car brand+oil name, sir it's original "car brand" oil - I heard it twice with two different car brands and ran away.

Just a quick question. Now in my case which oil shall i use during service/scheduled maintenance. I prefer 5K kms/6 months compare to 10K kms services. My yearly usage which i have noted from all my previous possession is < 12K kms per year. Also in case during service can i buy my own oil and hand over to mechanic just to ensure that they wont differ from the recommendation. 

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