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Newbie to Fewbie feedback

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All the fewbie drivers are requested to share their feedback for their first fewbie drive after the promotion:

  • Have you felt the difference between the newbie and fewbie level drive?
  • How did the Newbie level briefing and training help you to develop your skill sets for the Fewbie level?
  • Do you think 5 number of newbie drives was sufficient for you to be ready for fewbie level?
  • Do you think it was necessary to attend newbie drives first to gain appropriate skills and confidence? 
  • Which part (side sloping/ridge riding/crisscrossing) have you enjoyed the most in your first fewbie level drive?
  • Did you learn something new at the Fewbie level or only bettered the skills you learned at the Newbie level?
  • Any other comments you feel will help us to develop the new offroaders in a better way?

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us develop a stronger and better offroad club.

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My first fewbie drive was 2 weeks ago(26th Apr) which was led by @Gaurav. It was a real test for me as I wanted to see for myself, if I had what it took to deserve this newly earned title. When the drive kicked off, I was a bit nervous, because I was not sure if I could keep up. But as we progressed, I realized that this is definitely next level stuff but doable nonetheless. I did get stuck once whereby I had to be recovered and I realized that was due to lack of momentum during the climb. The highlight of the trip was a side slope which I managed to pull off which led to a great feeling of achievement.

Towards the end of the drive, we were at the pink rocks and I attempted a long climb, but however during the run up, I came across a few bumps which affected the momentum and half way through the climb, I lost power, due to which I had to back down straight to base after which I didn’t attempt again. I later realized that I should have perhaps requested @Gaurav to sit with me in my car during that climb and he would have walked me through the essential steps (Will definitely do that the next time though). All in all, it was a great drive, probably one of the best for me till date and I look forward to more drives and more challenges as I would like to climb the ranks with this amazing community and eventually become a capable off roader.

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    • By Rahimdad
      With a 10 years experience in off-roading I have learned from my seniors to part the knowledge I have gained from them and from my experiences so that driving in the sands is a safer bet. I have always enjoyed coming across like minded people who want to learn and step up to learn and practice driving in the sands safely. In turn the best part is that I get to learn from all the newbies every time. As a part of this growth I would like my off-roading buddys to share their experience with me so I can get better at the sport I love and can offer a more competent and complete set of training.
      I have designed the below set of questions which would help everyone to share their experience in a structured way. You may copy and paste these questions to the reply page and type out your answers from your experience. I will start by sharing my experiences with all.
      How much did you enjoy your first drive?
      What did you enjoy about the drive?
      Which part of the drive you think you enjoyed the best which you would like to repeat?
      Do you think there was a good mix of lecture and practical, was the lecture too long, and any part that can be avoided or done in a shorter or different way? Do you think anything elese could be added to the lecture?
      Do you think prior reading material would help?
      Would you know where on the Carnity forum you would be able to find the information you are looking for?
      Is there anything you think could be done in a better way?
      How do you suggest to make things better for the new comers?
      How do you think you can progress within the current atmosphere and learning opportunities provided?
      Thank you all
    • By Rahimdad
      After a super exciting fun intermediate drive I would like to propose a relaxed night drive for all level of drivers to enjoy. It's time to self-drive your 4X4 to venture through the desert safely with offroad experts. Its time to enjoy an evening drive and in fresh sand dunes to challenge your senses and 4x4, with the best offroad enthusiasts in UAE.
      As the summer has arrived we will be having night drives now, so let's thrill all your senses. This drive will also enable us to gear up and learn important aspects of desert driving in the nights, as it would be easier for newbies to join in night drives after this nicely paced drive.
      When: 30 May 2019
      Meeting time: 11 PM, the convoy will move at sharp 11:15 PM
      Where: Adnoc Petrol Station Maleha Road
      GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/H2jguQQocz4gNCKY7
      Level: Absolute Newbie, Newbie, more experienced drivers welcome to join to support this drive.
      Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance.
      Plan: Drive, train and enjoy till about 3 am break for Suhoor and end the drive by 5 am
      What to bring along: Snacks, Suhoor meal whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
      Approximate finish time: 5:00 am
      Please RSVP on the below calendar:
    • By Rahimdad
      As most of you must have noticed I had been away for a while. Guess what I am back. I had the honor of joining and driving with the best last Thursday night on a somewhat challenging terrain which was well managed by all, and now I am itching for some more. So this time keeping in the zone of re-discovering some challenging terrain, I am launching this drive as an exploration of an area I have not explored properly, just been in and out of this area. Sometimes when heading towards Jabal Jais through the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road E311 I have noticed some lip smacking dunes and I was briefly in and it has left me wanting to explore this area further. As it is evident that I am not fully aware of this terrain although all are invited to sign up for the drive, but only the first 10 cars which have the kind of experience to handle such a drive as per my experience will be selected for the drive, no more than 10 cars will be selected. leaving Gaurav Bhai and myself out of the equation there are 8 spots available out of which I would prefer at least 1 more experienced driver to control the convoy in this new terrain.
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