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During the hot summer of Dubai I normally tilt open the sunroof to vent out the heat until the car cools. Did the same today and now it's stuck open. I can only hear the motor, but the sunroof does not move.

Please recommend a good Garage where I can fix it. 😰

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Common Pajero problems for sunroof:

* The screws that hold the motor in place get loose or fall out, so the gears on the motor do not touch the rail anymore. Retighten the screws and use some loctite to keep them in place. You'll need to partly remove the headliner and its a pain in the buttocks to reach the motor but if you're a bit handy this is a DIY fix.

* Proper lubrication of the rails: Our climate with abundance of sand makes the rails become dry and sandy and eventually the whole thing locks up. Remove the glass roof panel and clean out the rails and then apply lubricant (silicon based). This job is again DIY but it requires some elbow grease and swearing along the way.

You'll find some tutorials online about it. Both my Pajero's (gen2 and gen4) had this problem and after spending blood sweat and tears after recurring problems i gave up and left it closed. I thought i was a good DIY'er but i'm short on patience sometimes.

Most workshops that do Pajero will know about this problem, but you might be having a liner full of greasy fingerprints by the time it gets finished .....

Older generation Pajero's need a recalibration of the motor and sunroof opening and closing position if i remember correctly. It's a combination of pressing the open-close button... Google will know more about it.


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