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New Caprice Owner! Need advice!

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Salam Aleikum!

Well, i just purchased a 2nd hand 2009 Caprice Royale.. about 60,000 KMS done for 67k :D

Need a heads up on a couple of things:

1- good, reliable but fairly "affordable" service centres for chevys? (Besides the Actual Dealership)

2- Bodykits (custom or aftermarket) Ive checked online and cant seem to find any :( Help <3 !

3- Any known issues i should know and how to deal with them?

4- Holden Badges or Custom Badges? Where can i get my hands on them. I saw a chevy lumina a while ago who had his name "ALi" Made as a badge for the front! Would love to know where to get that done :D

Thank yall soooooooo much for taking the time to help me out :D

I know a couple of garages that do good matte foiling for about 1000-1500, Really good finishing :D and all colors available.

Let me know <3 THANKS <3

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Mabrouk on your new ride. Thats a nice Eid gift.


Regards to service center for chevy isnt big of deal. In al quoz area there are many good places and cost half than al ghandi. Max Garage, Techninal Garage, Robbies motorsport etc. All are around or behind MOE (Mall of Emirates).

For body kit i suggest see an online shops from ICON AUTO, AEV, SPEED TECHNOLOGIES, RAMY in deira etc.

Know issue for caprice is drive carefully looking speedometer: As its so smooth and silky you hardly notice the increase speed and end up in plenty fines.

Badges, no idea, but i guess if you go to deira naif area to car accessories guys they will redirect you somewhere more appropriate.

Good luck and drive safe, let me know the name and number for foiling guy. I might be interested in few months.

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