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What interferes with aircraft navigation system?

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@Xaf can you actually share what really interfere with aircraft navigation system, that airlines since Nokia days advise us to switch it off?

Is it GSM signals? Data? Or mobile GPS?

Is it only while take off and landing?

What happen if some passenger dont switch off, any of your screen flicker inside the cockpit? Or it's a BS?

Why cant aircraft install signal jammers that block all interefering signal other than aircraft own range if it's so critical than relying on 300+ passengers honesty?

Sorry for too many questions, but I always wanted to know the truth from a real pilot.

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Because this is public I have to be diplomatic with what I write. I am not an engineer, nor a specialist in avionics.

As you remember, the beginning of the gsm, when your phone was close to a speaker and somebody was calling you, or your phone was roaming, we could hear the typical zoom.

This is simply an interference. Nowadays we don’t hear it anymore. I  am not sure if it is the hardware of our mobile phones that has changed with time or that a different frequency is used that doesn’t interfere with our electrical equipment.

To avoid any interference that time with any instruments, may it be the speakers of the plane, tv screens, or avionics from the flightdeck, companies restricted and forbid the use of a cellphone during the whole flight.

Nowadays there is no interference anymore. 

Different companies have different rules and you should follow what they ask you to do. The reason why they do this, is all from a regulation and insurance perspective. 
So the nice looking cabin crew who ask you gently to switch off your phone during taxiing has a valid reason for this, this is her/his job to do.

Some companies have satcom connection and you can actually switch on your whole phone, not only the wifi but also your roaming and you can make a phone call. Your mobile provider will charge you for this.

Nothing will happen with any of the systems on board when a phone is on during cruise.

Why do they still ask to switch your phone to flight mode during take off and landing? A reason is that this is a phase of flight were the crew needs your attention, to pay attention to the security instructions or other important information.

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Even mythbusters tackled this back in the day and found nothing really 

It's more erring on the side of caution more than anything else

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@Xaf that is more than diplomatic. Makes sense to me.

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