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Pajero 2015 Adventure Edition

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The Land Cruiser Xtreme is done by the famous Artic Trucks company for Futtaim. Same people who did the 2 Hilux pickups for the famous Top Gear Polar expedition special.

That's why its a proper job. Because it's done by professionals with decades of off road experience behind them. But so is the price. A 100k over the price of a regular VXR 

Me and Investor friend were actually in talks with the owner of Artic Trucks to open a off road mods garage here. That time they hadn't partnered up with Al Futtaim and we're trying to tap into the middle East market. They even entered a modified LC80 in one of the Gulf News fundrives in Liwa but the result wasn't too good. I guess they were still learning the difference between offroading in heavy snow vs Sand

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