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Unusual stuff you have done during home isolation


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To be honest it's been pretty cool because I live in a gated 3 Villa compound. With only 3 families there. So us men gather in the forecourt in the evenings and chat the evening away. One of them is an old time Safari dude like me so we sit back with some tea and others with their drink and share tales of our exploits.

I've actually been socializing more due to this than before! 

Since we all stuck at home and live in one isolated micro community if you will, so there is no risk of cross contamination or spread 



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While less extreme, working in the pharma business, I have been and remain in the office working probably longer hours than usual and working 7 day weeks. Luckily, I do not have the added concerns of medical professionals because we are socially distancing in the office very successfully. Of 150 people, there are a total of 10 in the office (5 in my team) and we are all doing what we can to limit contact outside the office so we do not infect each other - possibly a bigger responsibility than if it was just me and my wife: 

At home, the unusual thing we did is to cheer every night at 8pm for the public service workers and health workers who are taking real risks to keep the country moving and functioning. Last night I took my drum outside to bang on the drum because where we are supporting the public servants. That felt strange because it was not really a big thing where we are, and frankly so many of the apartments are clearly vacant. 

We could hear a few people in the disntance joining in ... feels quite wierd and ... isolating. 

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I have tried the cheer for the public service workers and health workers around 8 or 9 pm as announced. After banging my cooking utensils for 15 minutes I felt bad. They have long working days and weeks, what if some of them are staying in our vicinity, we might be disturbing them with all our banging and making noise during the little time they have to rest. As I am someone who enjoys the outdoors and meeting people and interacting with them, being locked in is the strangest thing I have done in my 48 years in existence.

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On 4/19/2020 at 3:32 PM, Rahimdad said:

banging my cooking utensils for 15 minu

LOL lame dude that's seriously lame! 

Good thing you don't live anywhere close to me. I'd give an earful to anyone making a racquet at 9 in the night!!!

I have this lousy neighbor who bought a full bedu lowered, turbo charged badrol with a loud exhaust. And can't get it registered because of the lockdown. So it has no plates.

Starts it up late in the evening and keeps reving it for a good 5 mins everyday. 

I've gone out and given him a few dirty looks but that hasn't helped. And I don't want to say anything because he works in one of those three lettered departments

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