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Asif Hussain

COVID 19 Compliant - Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Sweihan - Abu Dhabi - 3 July 2020

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Just now, Asif Hussain said:

@Lorenzo Candelpergher are you joining sweihan drive tomorrow? I believe you stay out side Abu Dhabi emirates.  

Hi @Asif Hussain, no I won't be able because of current restrictions, but I just realized I didn't opt out. I'll do it now.

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@Martin. @Remco Snoek @IMAMP @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen thank you all for joining Sweihan -Abu Dhabi drive on Friday 3rd July 2020.

Convoy Positions 

1. @Asif Hussain Nissan Xterra

2. @IMAMP Chevrolet Trail Blazer

3. @Remco Snoek Jeep Wrangler

4. @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen GMC Canyon

5. @Martin. Mitshubishi Pajero

Radio channel will be Carnity CHANNEL 5 for this drive. If you had not yet programmed your radio, do program all Carnity 1 to 5 channels before you join the drive. How to program please follow this link:


Once you reach the meeting point please turn on your radio and you can start deflating.

We are ending the drive where there is no petrol pump nearby. So kindly bring your own air compressor.

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Drive Report

@IMAMP @Remco Snoek @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen @Martin.

thank you all for joining sweihan drive. It was pleasent morning and we all reached on time, deflated and started to explore the dunes without wasting time. We entered the dunes from a different side today and had to tackle lot of pockets one after other. Keeping  @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen driving his whale GMC canyon in mind I decided to leave that area and drive down side towards naqrah dune where there are huges set of long range dunes. I slowly started to increase the pace and everyone drove well and where upto the mark. We kept moving with ridge riding and sideys whatever came in our path. At one moment I crossed a ridge and waited for others to cross and I was watching one by one. @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen did perfect crossing and stopped at 20 to 30deg angle and I was guiding him to steer right and come down but he was not moving and I heard him saying my air bags. GMC canyon side air bags beployed and his car stalled. We had to reset the computer to bring it on flat track. Without wasting time we cleared all the bags which was blocking the side views and Jeffery decide to exit. We dropped him to nearest exit and continued our drive. We had few refusals and few stucks today. @Remco Snoek you had done a brilliant recovery of @IMAMP at soft patch and my recovery twice. @Martin. you had done a brilliant sweep duty. @IMAMP &@Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen you guys drove amazing. 

Jeffrey hope you will fix your ride and join us soon. Install a kill switch or locate the exact fuse location to diactivate airbags by removing before the drive. We always mention in our newbie briefing to disable all the traction aids and air bags. Side airbags are designed to deploy at certain degree impact. Cars equipped with side air bags must disable them before you start off-roading. Sometimes airbag sensors senses the impact and triggers. 

It was nice day out. See you all soon.

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