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Best way to grow in this sport is to loose count or stop counting and keep learning and start enjoying. Most clubs don't offer genuine reason for the upgrade and thus we designed this structure where everything is in writing and visible to all. You can definitely have a good idea as to how you can keep track of your progress, but ask the people who got promoted, it all depends on your comfortably level. Some learn fast, some learn slow. You might het one part right, but something else needs polishing, we will never risk promoting you to the next level if we are not sure that you can handle the previous level well and your learning curve is going upwards direction. Just enjoy, learn and let the time and experience take you to the next level.

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2 hours ago, Frederic said:

Due to the low weight the Koleos did quite well during the winter time. Now with the summer conditions and soft sand it would have had a very hard time i think.

Very true. It is not suitable for desert. But before Koleos, I never thought of driving off-tarmac. When I got it, I started to think of driving offroad. Soon after I got beaten by the offroad bug. 

On the other hand, driving it on sand was a great challenge and I was giving my %100 at all time to cover up the absence of a proper 4x4 system and existence of electronics! When I switched to Trailblazer, it felt relatively easier.

I believe starting with Koleos gave me an important experience because of the challenge.    

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