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syed salman raza

Night Drive

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8 minutes ago, syed salman raza said:



Please advise what extra light I need for night drive , I am driving Wrangler 2005 sport (mini) some pictures will be helpful and also from where I can get them


Hi Syed, 

Unless you are the lead  on a drive or one of the Seniors you should not need special lights for the night drives. There is already a thread on night driving lights on Carnity, so if you want to buy there are some good tips there. As I drive a 2004 TJ the solution that I mentioned might be suitable for you.  


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Just now, syed salman raza said:

@Wrangeld  thanks for info  , so presently I will not be needing extra light as I am only a newbie .

@syed salman raza No such thing as 'only' a Newbie. If you want to invest, then please feel free, but there is no requirement to have running lights. Drive lead must have lights so they can see. Keep up the driving and in no time that will be you too. 

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What Richard trying to explain is: You don't necessarily need off-road lights if you aren't leading but then if you have off-road lights you will see better, learn better and drive better even in the convoy situation.

Especially in night drive if your distance increases beyond 20 meters from the car in front for those few seconds you will end up leading by yourself and in those few seconds, if you have a better light you will feel more confident.

If you drive with stock lights, Hi-Beam is your best friend and you will be always chasing the car in front to not to loose him, and that creates a bit of sub-conscious pressure, that can be relieved if you have an off-road lights.

I have driven (followed) and lead offroad for 10+ years with stock lights as LED bars were god damn expensive to 5-6K and we were fine. I bought my first LED bar in 2017 and realize what a world of difference it makes when you can see properly in night drives.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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