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Ale Vallecchi

COVID19 Compliant - Evening Fewbie Desert Drive - Qudra Quadrangle - Dubai - 31 Jul 2020

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22 hours ago, Salarios said:

Dear @Ale Vallecchi and @Wrangeld thank you for the exceptional management of today’s drive. Ale thank you for your laser focus on ensuring everyone stays safe. There were a few moments where this approach prevented some potential head aches. Richard thank you for your calm and patient demeanor, and constant guidance on encouraging everyone in the convoy to think and problem solve on their own, before you step in to resolve the issue. 

 @Anish S it was incredible to witness your improvements in real time, from the beginning of the drive towards the end of the drive. Since you were in front of me I was closely following your every move, and so I could see how your skills are evolving and you’re becoming more comfortable as the drive went on.  

Everyone thank you for the great day. It was a lot of fun and very educational. 

By the way, I posted some pictures in the Gallery. 

And a couple of videos of the day: 





Happy Eid everyone. 

Thank you @Salarios.....I really appreciated the support, help and patience from you and Richard @Wrangeld during the recovery and reattempt. It was very obvious to see how nicely you drive and manage the huge patrol, you did an amazing job. Other than your offroading skills, i can see you are very talented as well, i loved the videos you made. The Refusals and Recoveries Video is even more fascinating because it shows how stucks actually happened and how the recovery is managed... It is very beneficial to our community since we can review, reflect and also learn how different recoveries are executed. These types of videos matters a lot to us especially during this current situation of Covid 19 where not everybody have the opportunity to see all the recoveries...

Keep it up @Salarios, well done. I would love to see more videos from you in future...Again thank you so much for your contribution.

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