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Ale Vallecchi

Evening Intermediate Desert Drive - Little Sweihan - Dubai - 1 Aug 2020

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Little Sweihan - The side-sloping bonanza.

Every desert drive has its unknowns. This time it was first @Tbone then @Emmanuel turn to succumb to car problems, and have to renounce the trip. The heart-breaker was Emmanuel's, who had to leave the drive just after deflating: we hope the car is OK.

With perfect punctuality we set out, in a revised convoy order, with @Kalahari taking Second Lead duties, @Febin Frederic in third, @Chaitanya D in a comfortable #4 spot for his first Intermediate drive, then @Rinelle Sanaani in Sweep.

We aimed to reach the northern limits of Little Sweihan  through the sand track surrounding the expanses of sabkhas and technical dunes that separate Solar Park from our destination. We then entered our playground following the trail of a huge oryx herd, and set out to ride the tight and long dunes' cordons, drawing a zig-zagging line, from our entry point toward the area's western border (the base of Little Sweihan "triangle") and back east-ward, toward the apex of the triangle. 

The driving was smooth, up and down the long, tight, dunes, with countless opportunities for back-to-back-to-back side-sloping. While we did some crossings from the windswept side of the dunes, we were somewhat limited in this practice by a strong wind, sweeping the crests, and reducing the readability of their ridges. In fact, the only stucks were on 2 ridges, with one brilliant self-recovery by Rinelle, and a well executed tug by Febin to drag Kalahari back from a very sharp and short ridge.

With a few minutes more on the clock, once almost at the tip of Little Swaihan's triangle, we crossed over to the dunes just east of it, and continued driving, until we had to reverse, and cross the slipside of the dunes to reach our exit track back to Solar Park.

Very good drive by all:

@Kalahari - you are now a very solid Second Lead, redirecting properly even when i was struggling to reach my radio and announce the correction: mind reader

@Febin Frederic - great energy and enthusiasm in the recovery efforts. You learned very quickly to evaluate the situation, and improved immediately your communication skills: rescue specialist

@Chaitanya D - very impressive first Intermediate drive, always in control, always on track, helpful as well in guiding Rinelle's self recovery: Doctor Cool

@Rinelle Sanaani - you were hardly heard during the drive, which means you handled the softened up, churned tracks without a peep, and great skills: guardian angel

in the end, we executed a 69.9 Km drive in 2:54 h, at an average speed of 24Km/h (average moving speeed of 29 Km/h). 

Thanks to all, and see you soon.




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@Ale Vallecchi thank u so much for a wonderful and cool lead.. ur the DUNE MASTER..  U read the dunes like a book..  ur knowledflge od the dunes amd terrains is pretty impressive.. 

Its always fun to follw the lead of the Dune Master

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An amazing sunset drive. The temp was at scorching 47°c till sunset and dunes were tricky due to heavy wind. But with @Ale Vallecchi on lead, we have had nearly no challenges while venturing through the terrain.

Everyone drove well. @Emmanuel was really unfortunate with his car which wasn't started after deflation . Hope its fixed now.

See you all soon on sand until then stay safe and healthy.

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