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COVID 19 Compliant - Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Area 53 - Sharjah - 1 Aug 2020

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Here is a quick peek for tomorrow's drive plan, hope to touch all big peak in Area53/Pyramids.

Follow the path in front of you "precisely" to enjoy these tall dunes, slopes and broad ridges. 

Let's practice some firm steering control at slightly higher pace (than newbies).

I'm doing fewbie drive after a long gap so get ready to be pushed little bit.

10 Km straight line = 30 Km while playing all along.

P.S. Don't forget your leather pants and metal underwear's.


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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Hands down .. one of the best terrain and routes , I have driven with carnity. Great lead by @Gaurav taking the fewbies into this terrain , had some real metal pants :) Very good support from @Tbone and yes , too  bad we were just half a km from Iftaar Bowl - have to leave something exciting for next time anyway ! I must also say  were impressed with @Anish S and @Pancho who were mostly in front of me ,  on how they have handled their vehicles in this route.  Posted some pics and the below timelapse .. where you ll mostly see @Pancho , but yeah there were so many good moments - I had a hard time to choose and compress this to 2 minutes . 



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hi JJ, thanks a lot. Was indeed a great trip and nice to see myself drive. was worth the covid test. next week I will be driving in Abudhabi again.

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