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11 minutes ago, Niki said:

thanks for all these tips guys.  @topgear also see this from the video i sent



Sorry @Niki.... I can't avoid commenting... an item for sale on the French site of Aliexpress... this is the devotion that FJ owners have to their cars... :D

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Just wanted to share with all the xterra owners here .Easy way to secure cargo with bungee cords and spring nuts. These can be found at Golden Screws Ras Al Khor.  Pictures are self explanatory 

Hey @Foxtrot Oscar, @Niki Patel, @Chaitanya D, @sertac, @Emmanuel, @Mohamed Seidam, @topgear, @Srikumar, @Jefy, @GauravSoni, &@Gaurav. I’ve almost tried it all 😂 I hate, absolutely hate rattling a

As Gaurav said above,   I have a big military bag with everything in the bag (multiple compartments, yes also the jack). I always secured it with bungie ropes (or how do you call these thing

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24 minutes ago, Gaurav said:

Hahahah, I feel its Japanese "non" engineering design issue.

Never had this issue with German, UK and US brand of cars.

we Japanese car owners see this as 'features' that highlights our cars 'serviceability/repairability' :) 

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    • By Zed
      Alhamdulillah I survived a rollover that happened yesterday. I've been watching the dashcam recording and trying to remember what I did wrong, but my brain seems to block the memory of the moments before it happened, so I'm reaching out to the experts here, what could be the cause of my rollover? *dashcam video attached below
      Some stuff that I can think of:
      a. Did I lose momentum? The bottom speed timestamp says I went from 48km/h, 46, 44, 37km/h before rolling over.
      b. Did I get a tyre pop-out? When I got out of the car, both of my left tyres popped out. I had to use a jack and fill them up to 40psi to make the tyres pop-in back again and to drive the car outside the desert. But maybe the left  tyres popped out due to the rollover to the left? If that so, why are my right tyres intact (right tyres didn't pop out). I was driving with 15psi all tyres btw.
      c. At the 00:02 footage, you can see the Jeep in front of me swerved to the left. What the camera didn't show was that the Jeep went on drifting on my left side instead of exiting gracefully with the nose down first. Basically in a quick moment I turned my face to the left, seeing a car on my left side and scared that if I also exit-left-with-nose-first to go with gravity, I might crash into the Jeep... could I have done something wrong with my reflex? Like maybe letting go of the gas pedal to slow down cause afraid of crashing with the car on the left side. Someone said "look front when driving off-road and don't be distracted by left and right sightseeings." I should have focus straight and not be afraid of my left side.
      d. I was the last of the convoy, so nobody was behind me, otherwise maybe that person could tell from behind what went wrong...
    • By Atif
      I have always wondered why Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)  is not a compulsory requirement in all cars. None of my cars ( Pardo 2014 and Camry 2006)  has it, although I am aware the more expensive cars do have them ( Mercs.)  Most people will state that it is the cost that prevents it but I would like to know if it is more expensive than the air-bags installed in most cars ? I can only assume that the front sensing system may be expensive .
      While sitting next to new drivers ( like my son and daughter) the first thing that I have to watch out for is the judgement of the braking distance. A large percentage of accidents on our roads are due to this misjudgment . With high speed urban driving even an experienced driver may have faced emergency braking scenarios ( I have). 
      I believe that electronic sensors like most electronic components are getting cheaper so why the delay in this option. Even if it may have some negatives consequences , it should be available in all cars even if it is has optional activation switch.
      Perhaps those who have ACC or know the cost can comment about the hurdle that stops the manufacturers from installing this life saving device.
    • By Atif
      I am a regular user of cruise control while driving, both for ease and felt it seemed more fuel efficient.I engage it at any opportunity where the speed is over 60 KM/HR and traffic is flowing. 
      I do however keep coming across failed cruise control instances on the roads. In fact, I  came across the following advice in Gulf News after the last incident locally:
      I wonder what is your view about this. Do many people use cruise control?
    • By vivian
      A very interesting video demonstrating why we need to maintain a speed limit of 30kmph in Residential areas. Must watch.

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