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Hello @AKR,

I'm driving a Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) 2009, Stock. 140K KM on the clock.

Today I went to my first newbie drive today, unfortunately I got stuck a couple of times on just a few minutes after starting the drive.It feels like lackig of power and getting stuck easily.

 @Srikumar mentioned that you had similar issues on your car, Anything else apart from replacing the O2 sensor you did to fix the issue on your car?

Hope you can share some light here, I really feel bad today to not be able to complete the drive.



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@Juan Carlos Elizalde Reyes you can see the comments of AKR in the below thread. After changing the O2 sensor it made a big difference. Also, you need to change your tyres and while you are at it, I might suggest to look some better brand of tyres like Yokohama AT or Michellin. 


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      List of all capable and best 4x4 cars in UAE that you can get under 10,000 and 20,000 Dhs in UAE.
      I have been asked this question on every off-road drive, so let's build a list with collective experience and knowledge:
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      DISCLAIMER: I don't intend to put the price of your ride or contest the "ballpark" value that I suggested. The used car market is subject to huge fluctuation due to demand and supply based on season and offroad 4x4 cars in UAE will always sell for a higher premium in winter (Oct-Mar).
      P.S. Having said that, if you have any constructive suggestion to edit the list - I will accept that.
      This awesome scrapper pulls the average price daily and update in single excel
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