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Summer Off-road Adventures

The Greatest of Recoveries

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Dear passionate off roaders When I had my first absolute newbie couple weeks ago it was short cut by bad nose landing ( was entirely my fault and I know it ) . Thank God zero human injury and the

Many thanks to @M.Seidam, @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ, and @Ashok chaturvedi for great teamwork, patience, and calm approach to managing such extreme recovery. Last night after the newbie drive

@Gaurav @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ @Ashok chaturvedi It’s indeed for me a never forgotten memorable super event of a literally super team work of an extreme recovery situation which was executed by

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15 hours ago, Mohamed Seidam said:

I found this by chance 

how useful and how safe ? Opinions please 

Will be good to fix your pop outs if you have a Jack like that.

I don't know the costs involved and installation ? Weather this will cause issues at RtTW reregistration  ?? Roll bars are not allowed in RTA for renewal of registration as these are only for cars used in extreme sports with permissions 

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Fancy gadget... Until you use it 10 times and the sand starts to get inbetween the cylinder, or the hoses start to leak. You will also need an onboard air compressor.

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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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Thank you @Chaitanya D, @Emmanuel and @Frederic for feedback 

me personally I am not a big fan of offroad car modifications and I wish to go completely stock . However slight modification for the purpose of our drives especially from intermediate and further up is inevitable . 

regarding this hydraulic  jack or what ever it’s name is while I agree with the highlighted disadvantages . May be can be improved by a larger surface area of the base on ground. Sand in between cylinder I think shouldn’t be a problem if good seal is there and also not to rely on this as solely to the slightest stuck. the biggest disadvantage is RTA registration.

As we go in convoy and our aim Is to enjoy and learn , I believe this is an individual idea for a lone desert wanderer Who rely on his own most of the time !


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18 minutes ago, Nitin Mohan said:

@Mohamed Seidam  Thanks for sharing this thread. 
This is @Gaurav recovering the Pajero from last week drive at Pink Rock with the radio guidance.


Thank you @Nitin Mohan for the recovery clip , priceless learning tool indeed 

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Hello desert wanderers 

please find below two links a refusal/ stuck of mine ... what happened and why got stuck ? 

Self recovery


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