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Interesting insights from the team,  @KailasIn one drive , I remember you hinted on same.

Mine is JL 2021 stock without any modifications. I don't intend to do mods unless there is a necessity..

reading above experiences am bit worried 🤔 , seems like replacement of bumper is a must

understand that as a minimum I need to relocate the rear number plate and trim the extra portion on the rear bumper to avoid the bumper breaking issues...any other tips

for relocating rear number plate , is it required a special bracket?  any idea where can I purchase this.

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@JERINE_B yours is a 4 door. It lasts longer than 2 door Jeeps, but it will go nevertheless.

Jeep has low profile bumper but they don’t bring cars here with those bumpers. Even the one that I have made me loose the rear parking sensors. 

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@Amr AydinWill trim for sure asap

@Kailas in your pic above , the long plate is mounted to the spare tire , If I  remember correctly ,  during our drive it is relocated just above the bumper just like @Looper

Any reason for the 2nd relocation? As am having long number plate thought the best option is to place in the rear tire..else I have to make short number plate.

Kailas, got few doubts , if you dont mind , would like to connect , my contact no.  055-8847245

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The spare tire mount was just a temporary setup with few plastic cable ties until I got my relocator above the bumper.

I actually liked the way it was mount on spare tire and there are spare tire mounts available. But I use my spare tire for mounting bike; hence relocated the plate to above bumper.

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