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Hello everyone!

I recently bought a 2013 Camaro ... this is my first Chevrolet vehicle so was highly excited to use one. I am absolutely new to the specs of the car ... I am noticing a warning light on my rear view mirror which i think is called the onstar light?

It looks like a warning since it has an exclamation mark in the middle of a circle. The first few times it came on, it sort of scared me then i searched online for it and found a lot of people complaining about the same problem. Moreover, i found different answers as to what can be the problem!

Can anyone residing in the UAE tell me if they had the same problem and how they went about fixing it ... would the dealers here understand what it is?

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Of course, dealer here have all the tools to talk to car computer and understand what it is? From the explanation it sounds like not very serious issue, but i dont know really. Your best bet is to show to the dealer and ask them to fix it, anyways your car comes with 5 year warranty right?

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