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Y62 platinum 2019 off road kit ideas


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Here is the underbody protection, baja lights and wheels. I also added a metal mesh covering the opening between the bash plate and bumper. The Y62 also doesn't have a fire extinguisher holder under the seat so I added one. 













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Note that the 17" Wheels are from Braid. They are the only brand who made a 17" wheel specially for the Y62 with large calipers.

The tires are Bfg ko2 285/70R17. (These made a real difference on sand)

Clearance between the wheel and the caliper is soo tight. But never had an issue. Been to the desert 4 times now and nothing got scrached on the wheel.


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Thanks @Lawrence_Chehimiyou are my Y62 hero 👍👍🤘

Am planning to start the upgrades in the following order

1- 18 wheels and 295/70 (tried them and they fit) or 275/70

2- Front light bar in the bash palte opening for night drives

3- underbody protection

4- rear bumper (when its ready)

Given you current experience with Carnity's ranks/drives, and that am just starting my Fewbie journey, do you think this is the right order?


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@Rawad Bahsasfor me the under body protection was a priority as in Fewbie drives we tend to ride a lot of ridges and I felt that I'm hiting my oil pan in certain places so thought to put it first before something really bad happens. The rest looks fine.

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Thanks @Lawrence_Chehimifor the advice 😁😁👍

@Humayun Ghias have a look at this topic my friend, you will find interesting ideas that will help you unleash the beast 😉

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@Lawrence_Chehimibuddy since you changed the wheel/tyres size, are you driving on a different PSI from the recommended 35? If so, have you been able to change the TPMS settings on the car computer to make it horn on the new setting when you are inflating?

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