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My Land Cruiser 100 project

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5 hours ago, Zed said:

We have to test it in Iftar Bowl from the middle straight-up instead of from the sides to see if the 300hp is enough or need to boost more :D 

Would be easier to strip interior and loose all the extra weight then to make more power I think :)

You know me, I'm good on newbie and fewbie rides. Only put all this work and hp into it as a project. Could blow tomorrow for all i know.

Still ready to try just need short easy ride to make sure kinks all worked out first.

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Welcome back @Wade Pat2 330 from 230 stock (I guess) is almost a 50% gain, sweet.

Looking fwd to seeing it in action soon. Don't listen to Zeddy for IFB climb, I'll give you a better offer - Faya right side from the ridge, lol. Just kidding.

Of course, do your prelim test and work out on kinks and you will have the whole winter to enjoy climbs.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Just quick note for those following :


Dynoed @ 200 wheel HP 

Toyota spec 235 brake HP at engine 

 15% driveline loss


Dynoed @ 330 wheel HP

Estimated 390 brake HP 

Total gain-

130 whp and 190bhp over stock.

End of the day it's all just numbers that sound good really :). Torque curve and gain is more importnatn  and as Gaurav has mentioned before, when that extra torque come in makes all the difference.

Overall the SC has made the LC more fun to drive but I'm not convinced the extra power and heat make it valuable in the sand. Luckily my only intention with adding it was to because I like projects and turning wrenches :).

Will keep fine tuning and testing for now. Plan for first temp drop to have it in the sand then to fully push it over cooler months. 

Only future upgrades planned -

-Pass rta renewal ( not sure yet how)

-Transmission upgraded valve body 

-Slightly lighter and more free flowing muffler without being loud. 

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