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COVID19 Compliant - Absolute Newbie Desert Drive - Al Qudra - Dubai - 4 June 2021


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Actually it was your Super Safari mate @Mario Cornejo 😁

It’s been a sweet and fun drive, with an excellent convoy, thank you all! @Super Safari Girl, @Glenn Waters ,@Mohamed Samaco, @M.Seidam.

Everyone did so great that we’ve been able to increase the pace and difficulty quite high for an absolute newbie drive. Special thanks to Glenn for his perfect second lead and Mohamed Seidam for his wonderful support as sweep. 

Moving forward you all will be joining the Newbie drives and not an Absolute Newbie drive. Drives are announced every Sunday at 11 am, and they go live on Sunday at 7:10 pm. Due to the high demand, these drives get full in about 10 minutes, so please be online at 7 pm to book your spot. If you miss a spot, put your name on the waitlist asap. Generally, by Thursday with dropouts everyone does get a spot if they have waitlisted. 

For the next drives, please bring along a deflator, pressure gauge, flag and radio as a minimum. 

  • Learn to deflate your tires and checking them precisely
  • Learn to fix a flag on your car
  • Learn to program and fully charge your radio

Also like I mentioned during the debriefing, join the Carnity Whatsapp Drive Notification to get the latest updates on the drives, so that you can RSVP on time for the next weekend's drive.

Please have a look at below topic which describes the tools needed for every level. There is a separate tutorial inside which explains which radio we recommend and how to program them: (Please do not buy the Baofeng 888S spare radio we gave you, as these cannot be programmed without a special cable and software).


Please have a look at below grading structure that explains various off-road levels:


See you soon in the sands!

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@Super Safari GirlI checked with @Mario Cornejo and he confirmed that there should be a 4LO signal on your dashboard when you switch to low gear. It seems that for a reason it wasn’t engaging this morning on your Patrol.

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Hello @Emmanuel and welcome to Carnity @Super Safari Girl!

So, I double checked just now and I stand corrected as in the Patrol SS there is no indicator when 4Lo is engaged, however when you shift to 4Lo the VDC light turns on, this tells you the car is in 4Lo.  When you shift back to 4H, the VDC light goes off.

Just in case it helps: for off-road driving is advisable to disable VDC, as well as ABS and Air Bags (SRS).


Hope this helps!

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Indeed it was a super Drive that didn’t feel like an absolute newbie drive in term of pace progressively and smoothly increasing during the trip  due to the fact of having excellent few participants whom they responded positively along the ride despite the differences in previous off road experience. Truly I enjoyed watching them from the back how they were following the tracks of the second lead upon instructions from the trip lead and keeping the appropriate distance from one another in most of the times. I was really impressed. 

As part of the game definitely we had few refusals / stuck and an awesome crest which all self recovered with no rope was needed. 

@Glenn Waters you were our flawless second lead today.clear in communication and appropriately distant from the lead . Well done 👍 

@Super Safari Girl giving the fact that it’s your first trip in sand you drove very good  and you managed to self recover ,despite some difficulty ,with some precious instructions from our lead . Wish you best of luck. @Mohamed Samacoyou gave us the spice of the day when you managed to get you self crested. Other than that you drove toward perfection at this level keep it up well done 👍 

I believe every one did more than great and always remember to keep your momentum and  gravity by your side and NEVER against it and you will glide smoothly. 

Last but not least a word of big thank you   to our leader today Emmanuel @Emmanuel for this lovely day and for allowing me today to sweep the convoy as part of team Carnity 🙏


cheers and drive safe always 🙏🚘


P.S pictures in gallery  and a relive down for memory 




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