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What to do in case of any roll over or any damage to the car?

Abdul Hannan

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You should just wait for them at the nearest road if you manage to drive or somehow deliver your car there. Making enough pictures of the incident is a good idea. But if it's a real disaster, with other cars or injured - not sure, better to call the police and consult

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1. Mark the location

2. Take lots of pictures from various angles 

3. If the car is in a condition to be driven drive it out on to the road. If on a flat area with a clear route to exit it can be towed as well

4. Call the cops after reaching the road.

I have rarely seen or heard someone getting injured due to a rollover on the sand. But in the event if there is a serious injury you will most definitely have to call the cops while in the desert, who would then guide on the next steps

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19 hours ago, Abdul Hannan said:

In case of any roll over or any damage to the car do we need to call police to the desert

@Abdul Hannan what happened after my Y62 rolled over, this happened in Sweihan Abu Dhabi, so might be different for Dubai.

1. Magically the Y62 was in the upright position, but otherwise you need to fix the car so that it's not upside-down.

2. Call 999. In my case since no major injuries, there was no need for ambulance. You will get SMS asking to click link and share your current location. Saaed (Abu Dhabi Accident Patrol) will then call you to confirm location.

3. Call Insurance if it provides Free Tow Truck Recovery. Otherwise by standing near the highway, usually there's always a few passing by like taxis...

4. While waiting for Saaed, we fixed our 2 pop-outs because the car anyway needs to travel a bit later to go closer to highway onto a tow truck. 

3. Saaed came, asked what happened. Explain. He took lots of photos using iPad and put into accident system. This is your CHANCE to ensure Everything is covered! You don't want insurance to tell you that the police report didn't mention Rear Bumper, and you have to pay 2000aed for original bumper 😅 Speak politely to the police and ask to see the damage report. Show him all the parts that are broken so he can enter it into the system.

4. Saaed will give you receipt with accident report number. You need to go to website and print the report to show the insurance receptionist (or some you can email/whatsapp the accident number and they will print it before you come).

5. Drive slowly towards the highway, find a Landmark (sign saying Sweihan KM10 or something), then wait for Tow Truck to come. Put the car onto the truck, then sit next to the driver in front and guide him to go to the Agency Workshop (Nissan Body Workshop in my case), or your insurance's appointed garage if it's not Agency Repair.

6. While in the truck, call Insurance again to tell them you're on the way to the Agency / Appointed Garage and to start the Claim Process.

7. Once checked-in to Agency / Garage, they should have all the paperwork ready if the Insurance has started the Claim Process. 

8. Pray... A LOT. I waited 2 months to get my Y62 Patrol back but was happy that it looked brand new, everything was replaced original, I mean EVERYTHING: Bent Roof replaced new, Broken Windshield replaced new, Broken side windows replaced new. Even the Front and Back Bumpers that I broke during earlier Carnity Newbie drives were replaced! 😊


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Very nicely explained @Zed.

More than the process you shared, the hassle, time and ambiguity involved (on above steps) must remind everyone to drive sensibly - 1 less dune is better than going through all of the above.

Accidents are different, but most roll or flip is a clear result of driver forcing to do something against mother nature or basic laws of physics. Thankfully most (if not all) roll-over or flips comes with few seconds warning that every off-roader should listen for safer off-roading.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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These few seconds entails undivided  attention and focus always and not being distracted at all while driving off road and as @Gauravbhai said it’s thankfully a worming seconds that every off-roader should listen to . 


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