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Summer Off-road Adventures

COVID19 Compliant - Absolute Newbie Morning Desert Drive - Al Qudra - Dubai - 23 Jul 2021

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On 7/23/2021 at 10:41 PM, Gaurav said:

Trip Report

After a long time, I have done an Absolute Newbie drive and thoroughly enjoyed today with absolutely amazing drivers and cars. We started on time as usual and we drove for over 40 km in 3h:30m drive time. Started with an intro on the sand track and slowly moved to the dunes to practice the vehicle dynamic on different angles on the sand. After the initial introduction, the fun stuff started that most of the drivers enjoyed with a big smile and had a bit of hesitation in the beginning and after few attempts of rainbow and arc, they thoroughly went through flawlessly and asked for more. Everyone holds very good control, patience, and teamwork towards an end when we entered and backtrack from technical dunes to escape.

@eldose baby your control of taming Lexus power and managing on the downhill with precision shows your level head. It's a very good luxury SUV that you can safely use till Newbie to Fewbie level but with a caution of the front bumper under plastic tray that I have pointed today. It has more power than Prado and must be awesome to drive at a higher level, but with proper underbody protection if you like to use the same vehicle for a long time.

@Joji varghese as I said 2.7 is just a number in the beginning in the case of your Fortuner as the majority depends on the driver and you proved it right by managing it perfectly today without any stuck. Break this number barrier from your mind and focus on working with skills and this Fortuner can really go places even up to the Intermediate level depending on your driving ability and skills.

@Mohamad Ziad Alhennawi your Hummer H3 and your driving skills shine bright today and haven't seen or heard any refusal mean you were in complete sync throughout the drive. Well done, keep it up and work on your communication skills as explained, because while driving in a convoy we usually depend a lot on point-to-point clear communication to help other drivers around. 

@AbdullaB your LC100 reminds me of my first day in offroading and exactly how I broke the lower lip like you did today as a gift to the desert god. There is nothing more to shed in this beast, so keep going. You did great today except for one minor hard landing (no big deal), work on practicing your brake a little harder after crossing the ridge and you will avoid any nose dives or hard landing in the future. Thanks, @Aisha S for mentoring Abdulla and not scaring him much

@Rsjiv Samuel you were fantastic in your brand few desert toy, FJC, one of the best offroaders. Keep learning the right driving skills and FJC can easily scale up to any level in the future depending on your off-roading appetite. You were amazing and flawless today.

@Tom V the choice of Nissan Xterra offroad version is amazing as these are the last of best offroader Nissan has produced and you have secured the low mileage vehicle as an awesome deal. Keep enjoining and be sensible you really don't need to worry about any changes anytime soon. Keep your inquisitive nature as that helps a lot in learning the tricks of offroading so that you can enjoy weekly drives safely and confidently.

@Vanessa8580 thanks a lot for your excellent support and eagle eyes on the whole convoy today. See you after your holiday break and enjoy Belgian cold weather during Dubai summer.

Moving forward you all will be joining the Newbie drives and not an Absolute Newbie drive. Drives are announced every Sunday at 11 am, and they go live on Sunday at 7:00 pm. Due to the high demand, these drives get full in about 10 minutes, so please be online at 7 pm to book your spot. If you miss a spot, put your name on the waitlist asap. Generally, by Thursday with dropouts everyone does get a spot if they have waitlisted. 

For the next drives, please bring along a deflator, pressure gauge, flag, compressor and radio as a minimum. 

  • Learn to deflate your tires and checking them precisely
  • Learn to fix a flag on your car
  • Learn to program and fully charge your radio

Also like I mentioned during the debriefing, join the Carnity Whatsapp Drive Notification to get the latest updates on the drives, so that you can RSVP on time for the next weekend's drive.

Please have a look at below topic which describes the tools needed for every level. There is a separate tutorial inside which explains which radio we recommend and how to program them: (Please do not buy the Baofeng 888S spare radio we gave you, as these cannot be programmed without a special cable and software).


Please have a look at below grading structure that explains various off-road levels:


See you guys soon on the sand. Take care. 

@GauravIt was great and fantastic desert drive experience for the first time. Thank you for your detailed report and @venassa8580 advises to enjoy drive in the desert with efficient and safe.
Enjoyed very much!!!

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