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Unbelievable for a car driven less than 40kkm under wrrty from EMC but being refused to be repaired under wrrrty!  Both emc and Daimler has not bothered after repeated reminders. Poor service by Daimler. 

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To start with if your dashboard was covered in warranty it must be written in your warranty coverage booklet.

If you can find that inclusion, then worth pursuing further to quote dealership on emails with that reference and let them deny on the emails too (not verbal).

Step 2: Take that written email to consumer rights first and see if they can help.

Step 3: Report to Mercedes Germany and seek an explanation on why local dealers aren't honoring Mercedes warranty in UAE.

Many times when you report such issues to head quarter, they honor the claim faster and even if its not covered in warranty they can advise UAE dealer to cover it under "Goodwill warranty" (SOMETIMES). So use your words and approach wisely until all above steps are exhausted.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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