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COVID19 Compliant - Newbie Desert Drive - Murquab - Dubai - 30 Jul 2021

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This drive is organized in full compliance with the COVID19 guidelines. We expect every member that joins this drive to go through below information and and strictly follow these guidelines.


Drive Details

Level:  Newbie and above (all levels)

Meeting time: 5.00 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions)

Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/AniW4bFQwfeAx9na9

Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance.

What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Approximate finish time: 9:00 AM

P.S. Only join if you have a compressor to inflate your tires after the drive.


  • Limited to 12 cars maximum. RSVP will close on Sunday - 9 AM.
    • If the RSVP is full and you wish to join, please mention your name on the drive thread to add on the waiting list
  • Latecomers will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members without RSVP will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members that do not confirm the terms of the COVID requirements will be removed from the RSVP list.
  • Please withdraw your RSVP, if you aren't joining, so your spot can be taken by others.
  • Repeated no-show members after RSVP will have their account suspended for a month.

Please RSVP on below calendar 


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  • Gaurav changed the title to COVID19 Compliant - Newbie Desert Drive - Murquab - Dubai - 30 Jul 2021
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Post Drive Report It's gratifying when the report given by experienced drivers having seen our convoy was 'you were covering some challenging dune ranges' today. I did not need that as validation

As it's your first drive, and you are coming from AD (no newbies this week) I will open up a slot for you and add you to the drive. 

Please see below the changed convoy list after changes during today.  The convoy is bigger than planned - but we will make it work.  See you in the morning.  @FARAZ MOHAMMED @Alex

Posted Images

Congratulations, you successfully signed up for the Newbie Murauab drive on Friday. 

Myself and @Lorenzo Candelpergher will be delighted to see you and we look forward to a fun and exhilarating drive together, supported by @Veedooshee

Our plan is to see if we can take a Newbie convoy all the way from Murquab through to Last Exit. That's a challenge even for more experienced drivers, so we will see how far we can get in that plan. It's always good to set expectations high, but accept that it might not end up the way we planned; perhaps that can be the motto for Off Roading. 

If anyone is a doubt for the drive, please sign out early. We already have a waitlist for the drive and if you cannot come, it's a shame to deny the chance to someone else. 

For me, one of the exciting things about this drive is the chance to meet so many new faces with whom I never drove before and the chance to see the develpment of one or two where I led their absolute newbie. 

Expect all your newly learned skills to be challenged on this drive. We will have a few descents, some baja running, a little technical section and some big wide dunes on which to play - basically, this drive has it all. 

See you soon in the sand.  

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On 7/26/2021 at 4:19 AM, Jason Grima said:

Hello, please pop me on wait list, first drive. 

Jason, you made it to the drive, we had a drop out. 

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Wednesday midday is closing time for this drive - so you are the lucky ones that will enjoy the Murquab experience on Friday morning. 

There is a waitlist, so if anything has changed in your plans: please sign out and give another driver the chance. 

Otherwise, tomorrow you will see the proposed convoy for the drive and the radio channel will be set. 

See you soon in the sand. 

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20 hours ago, Wrangeld said:

Are you shortlisting for 1st drive? 

Sorry for the late response...

Yes its my first drive for the week, please add me if we have a slot available...

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