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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Solar Orbit (A Long Range Circuit) - Dubai - 18 Sep 2021

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8 hours ago, Danish Mohammad said:

Hi @Ale Vallecchi If possible please add me in WL as drive-1.




Yes @Danish Mohammad. You are #2 at the moment. Thanks

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Dear Desertnauts

As promised, this will be tomorrow's concoy order:

@Ranjan Das will take Second Lead

@Alain Canivet-Abikhalil will be #3

@Chinthaka Ruwan will drive at #4

@Humayun Ghias at #5

@GauravSoni will assist from the Anchor position

@Looper will be #7

@Matt.T at #8

@Russ will take #9

@Amir Amiri will be #10, and

@Rob H will Sweep.

Once at the meeting point, just on the left of the tarmac, heading from Qudra's Last Exit to Solar Park, please start deflating; we'll choose the radio channel on the spot. Kindly reach the meeting point as early as possible, looking for a swift departure as close to 6:00 AM as possible.

See you tomorrow.

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@Ale Vallecchi great drive today, 100km despite a rear coil spring replacement, and a pop out shows some good driving by all with 

@Gaurav Soni Centre forward and @Rob HSweep doing good work on the repairs.

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Beautiful drive @Ale Vallecchi the opening with the sunrise was stunning ! It was just the hors d'oeuvre of the rest of the drive... I did loose a bumper 😅 but I had it coming. 

Thank you @Gaurav Soni and @Rob H for the support and help on the bumper.

@Amir Amiri hope it will all be sorted out.

Good to see you all and see you soon.

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Thank you @Ale VallecchiI thoroughly enjoyed my first intermediate drive and that too a 100km one! Thank you also for the memorabilia sticker!

I could definitely feel the difference of pace during the drive and it helped in maintaining concentration. 

Thank you to @Ranjan Das @Gaurav Soniand @Rob Has well! 

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